Laser Cutting & De-Oxidizing of Edges

DSCN0616Lasers eliminate the cost and lead-time of tooling, minimize set-up cost, provide closer tolerances, accurate repeatability, and, faster throughput due to combined operations and high-quality edge finish saving you time and money.


With laser technology, all shapes and cutouts are extremely accurate and made in a single operation – there are no secondary punching operations. The lasers cut intricate patterns with close spacing, including hole diameters smaller than the material thickness without the need for special tooling. The GEC two-pallet material handling system is highly efficient. Dynamic nesting programs maximize material usage and efficiently process small lot sizes with a rapid change-over from part-to- part. The de-oxidizing of heat affected areas is accomplished by using a LissMac Brush machine.


We have the following laser machines that can laser up to 1” carbon and 1/2” aluminum steel:

  •  6000 Watt Fiber Cincinnati
  •  4000 Watt Cincinnati
  •  4400 Watt Bystronic
  •  4000 Watt Cincinnati